Commercial Security

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Securlink is a fully licensed & registered security company under the Bill 88 Private Security Act. We that offer a high level of customer
service and satisfaction. Our security specialists can assess your business needs for system installation and specialist technical advice on a variety of alarm & security system solutions as well as 24/7 monitoring, protecting you around the clock. Our techs can install and service access control systems, alarms, smoke detectors, and CCTV/camera surveillance systems. We support a wide variety of brands and offer full service to our clients.

  • Access Control Systems

    Commercial Access Control Systems allows a business, apartment building, hotel or condominium to issue and
    control access credentials with
    proximity cards, remotes and fobs.
    Authorized personnel provide building access management, systems that track the where and when people are
    accessing the premises and can restrict access to certain areas.

    The administrator of the system is
    provided the credentials to program the access control system so it defines the rules of entry for each for each card holder. This digital information is
    distributed to the various entrances; doors, elevators and control panels are enabled to grant access to valid device holders.

  • Camera Security Systems (CCTV)

    Video camera security systems or the old term “CCTV” (Closed Circuit TV) are
    surveillance systems made up of
    cameras, recorders, microphones,
    speakers and displays for monitoring activities in a commercial environment. Security Camera Systems help reduce theft, identify intruders and potential physical problems on premises.

    Security cameras act as a visible
    deterrent to criminals and can store recordings locally and accessed via the Internet providing remote streaming of your location on your computer or phone so you can make immediate
    assessments. Internal or external theft can be addressed by video capturing shoplifters or the increasing theft of materials or inactivity by internal staff. There is little doubt that this is a sound investment in both security and peace of mind.

  • Commercial Alarm Systems

    Retail & Small Business, Hotels,
    Pharmacies, Pubs & Clubs, Schools & Colleges, Manufacturing & Industrial are just a few of the sectors managed by Securlink. Our business alarm security systems provide protection against
    intrusion and theft. We have a broad array of wired and wireless (mobile) solutions. Our team of highly qualified installers offer installation, maintenance and support at a cost effective price that will ensure that your alarm system is protected from the unexpected and so is your business.

  • Wireless Security Systems

    Cut installation costs with wireless alarm systems and cameras that allow you set up a security system without the intrusion of holes in the walls or celing of your business. A wireless security system provides the same visible deterrent to criminals as a wired system, allowing you to record events at home and monitor staff at work.
    Options for security cameras include setup and installation of a local DVR device to keep recording or cloud based offsite storage.
    Protect what matters to you with
    SecurLink wireless security solutions.

  • Central Alarm Monitoring 24/7

    Monitored alarm systems offer day and night protection 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year. Our central monitoring station respond to severed connections,
    emergency signals and trouble codes from the control panel.
    We can monitor intrusions and also smoke or carbon monoxide buildup.
    A connection to a central alarm
    monitoring service can help reduce your annual building insurance, be sure to mention it when you are negotiating your annual rates.

  • 24/7 Camera Monitoring

    A second set of eyes while you are asleep. Camera Systems can be linked to our central monitoring station that will immediately take relevant actions.
    The control room will contact a
    pre-determined list list of individuals to clarify the seriousness of the situation and clarify the appropriate action.
    If necessary Police can be notified to dispatch a patrol car to your location.
    For a nominal charge your business is protected 24 hours a day.

  • Structured Cabling

    We offered structured cabling for alarm systems, camera security systems, video conferencing/network cabling (Cat 5, 5e, Cat 6) and telephone systems.
    Securlink is a Bill 88 compliant security solutions provider. We suggest if you are doing any Alarm or Camera
    monitoring systems that you confirm the supplier is Bill 88 compliant as required by law. If not you may be putting your company at risk of industrial espionage and theft. When planning your move or upgrading of your organization's network infrastructure, give us a call for a FREE estimation.