Residential Security

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Securlink is a fully licensed & registered security company under the Bill 88 Private Security Act. Bill 88 was put into place to make sure that staff at security firms that are vetted prior to hiring to ensure a lower risk of theft as the data that is being handled is sensitive and requires the highest level of security. Securlink provides Home Alarm system installation, 24/7 central monitoring, video surveillance and equipment
maintenance services.

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  • Residential Alarm Systems

    Our residential alarm security systems provide your family with protection against intrusion and theft. We have a broad array of wired and wireless (mobile) solutions. Our team of highly qualified installers offer installation, maintenance and support at a cost effective price that will ensure that your home alarm system protects you from the unexpected. Burglar alarms, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide can be monitored, potentially reducing your insurance premiums and providing you with peace of mind.

  • Wireless Security Alarm Systems

    Don’t have a landline? Not a problem, we have mobile connections that do not require a wired connection to a phone line. Want to avoid lengthy installation of wires? Save time and money on installation costs with wireless alarm devices and cameras that allow you set up a security system wirelessly. A wireless security system provides the same visible deterrent to criminals as a wired system, Protect what matters to you with SecurLink wireless security solutions.

  • Central Alarm Monitoring 24/7

    Monitored residential alarm systems offer day and night protection 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year. Our central monitoring station respond to severed connections, emergency signals and trouble codes from the control panel. We can monitor intrusions and also smoke or carbon monoxide buildup. A connection to a central alarm monitoring service can help reduce your annual building insurance, be sure to mention it when you are negotiating your annual rates.

  • Camera Security Systems (CCTV)

    Security cameras act as a visible deterrent to criminals and can store recordings locally or in the “cloud”. Concerned about hired staff within your home? Installation of “spy” cams can allow you to see how your children and elderly are being treated when you are not there. There is little doubt that this is a sound investment in both security and peace of mind.